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Universal Academy

Universal Academy

Universal Academy


Universal Academy’s robust college-preparatory curriculum ensures that all K-12 students have the solid academic foundation and competitive edge they need to be successful life-long learners and the leaders of tomorrow.

Our course offerings meet or exceed Michigan Core Curriculum standards as well as Grade Level Content Expectations. Instruction is tailored to meet the needs of students with different learning styles, while the exploration of many cultures through language, artifacts, geography, customs, traditions, folklore, and music encourages students to think on a global scale.

Advance Placement/Dual Enrollment

UA offers both advanced placement (AP) and dual enrollment classes for college-bound students. More rigorous than traditional high school courses, AP courses allow students to gain in-depth knowledge in their area of interest or proficiency as well as college credit for their AP work.  Dual enrollment, on the other hand, allows students to enroll simultaneously in high school and college courses, earning both high school and college credits for the same course.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Smart boards with hand-held devices and document readers in UA classrooms provide an interactive learning experience, while students in grade 6 and above use wireless laptops harness the power of technology for real-world application.

Meeting Student Needs

The Sheltered Instruction Observational Protocol (SIOP) program incorporates practices and strategies to serve our ESL student population, while our special education program provides the professional resources (such as certified Special Education teachers, a language pathologist, psychologist and social worker) that our Special Ed students need to succeed in the mainstream classroom.

Students who need extra help benefit from Universal Academy’s after-school programs, such as our Achievement Campers Program (ACP) tutoring program and Arabic Enrichment Program.

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